There was widespread shock and sadness in the Roscommon Town area and throughout the county in the days before Christmas at news of the sudden and untimely death of one of the areas’ best known and highly respected figures, Doreen Conlon. Doreen passed away following a short illness at University Hospital in Galway.
Aged in her 60’s Doreen Conlon was a tireless worker on behalf of many community groups and charities all her life. Her easy going demeanour and sense of fun endeared her to countless tens of thousands of people over the years as she got on with her work without fuss, never seeking praise or gratitude.
Doreen Conlon was super company and a joke or quick witted remark was never far away regardless of the situation. An hour or two spent in her company was a tonic whenever it happened. Her funeral was one of the biggest seen in the county for many years as people travelled from far and wide to pay tribute to her and her family. It was a measure of the esteem that she was held in by so many people and the numbers that Doreen had helped throughout her life.
She was involved with so many different organisations and groups over the years that there is a danger that one or two would be left out if I started to mention names. The number of different guards of honour seen at her removal, requiem mass, and burial were a testament to the life and times of this remarkable woman.
Her loss to the community will be severely felt, but it pales into insignificance when compared to the loss suffered by her loving family. She is survived by husband Jim and children Collette, Peter, Michelle Padraig, Paul, Claire and Emily, brothers, sisters, grandchildren other family members and a huge circle of friends colleagues and neighbours.
May her kind and generous soul rest in peace.

(Roscommon People)